Sales List Notes

1. The Formula Maturity Value is calculated using the current reversionary and terminal bonuses paid for each life office for similar policy maturing today or where bonus rates are unavailable or are unconventional which are marked by an *, recent maturity results have been used. These figures are used in determining the price of a policy and are not a forecast or guarantee. Bonus rates can increase or decrease or it may be possible that no future bonuses will be declared at all.

2. The Terminal Bonus is that proportion of the Formula Maturity Value represented by the terminal bonus element.

3. The Pricing Discount Rate is the rate at which the Formula Maturity Value and the future premiums payable have been discounted to calculate the price. IT IS NOT A FORECAST OF THE INVESTMENT PERFORMANCE YIELD

4. We can make no statement regarding the tax treatment of maturing or assigned policies, however we believe policies shown with an "N" are Non qualifying which may result in higher rate income tax being payable. Policies marked "A" have been altered. Policies commencing after 13 March 1989 may be treated as taxable income and not capital. Please consult with an accountant or tax expert upon whose advice you may rely as we make no representation or warranty as to the tax status of any policy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification or information.